Donald J. Trump

45th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-202145th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-2021

45th President Donald J. Trump, 2017-2021

45th President of the United States
(January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021)

Full Name: Donald John Trump
Nicknames: "The Donald"

Born: June 14, 1946, in Jamaica, Queens, New York

Father: Frederick Christ Trump (1905-1999)
Mother: Mary Anne MacLeod (1912-2000)
Married: Ivana Zelníčková (1949-2022), on Apr. 7, 1977 (divorced in 1990); Marla Maples (1963- ) on Dec. 20, 1993 (divorced in 1999); Melania Knavs (1970- ) on Jan. 22, 2005
Children: Donald John Trump, Jr. (1977- ); Ivanka Marie Trump (1981- ); Eric Frederick Trump (1984- ); Tiffany Arianna Trump (1993- ); Barron William Trump (2005- )

Religion: Presbyterian
Education: Attended Fordham University; Graduated Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1968)
Occupation: Businessman
Political Party: Republican
Other Government Positions:

  • None

Presidential Salary: $400,000/year + $50,000 expense account (donated by Trump)

Presidential Election Results:

YearCandidatePopular VotesElectoral Votes
2016Donald J. Trump62,984,828304
(map)Hillary Clinton65,853,514227
Colin Powell3
Bernie Sanders1
John Kasich1
Ron Paul1
Faith Spotted Eagle1

YearCandidatePopular VotesElectoral Votes
2020Joe Biden 81,268,586306
(map)Donald J. Trump 74,215,875232

Vice President: Michael R. Pence (2017-2021)


Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson (2017-2018)
Michael R. Pompeo (2018-2021)
Secretary of the Treasury
Steven Mnuchin (2017-2021)
Secretary of Defense
James Mattis (2017-2018)
Mark Esper (2019-2020)
Attorney General
Jeff Sessions (2017-2018)
William P. Barr (2019-2020)
Secretary of the Interior
Ryan Zinke (2017-2019)
David Bernhardt (2019-2021)
Secretary of Agriculture
Sonny Perdue (2017-2021)
Secretary of Commerce
Wilbur Ross (2017-2021)
Secretary of Labor
Alex Acosta (2017-2019)
Eugene Scalia (2019-2021)
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Thomas E. Price (2017)
Alex M. Azar II (2018-2021)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Ben Carson (2017-2021)
Secretary of Transportation
Elaine Chao (2017-2021)
Secretary of Energy
Rick Perry (2017-2019)
Dan Brouillette (2019-2021)
Secretary of Education
Betsy DeVos (2017-2021)
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
David Shulkin (2017-2018)
Robert L. Wilkie, Jr. (2018-2021)
Secretary of Homeland Security
John F. Kelly (2017)
Kirstjen M. Nielsen (2017-2019)

Supreme Court Justices:
Neil Gorsuch (2017- )
Brett Kavanaugh (2018- )
Amy Coney Barrett (2020- )

Notable Events:
Internet Biographies:
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Historical Documents:
First Inaugural Address (2017)


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Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

8900 Van Wyck Expy, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

Additional Facts:
  • Trump was the first billionaire president.
  • Trump was the first president elected without any political or military background.
  • Trump was the first president to have multiple divorces.
  • Trump's First Lady, Melania, became the first First Lady to become a U.S. citizen by naturalization instead of by birth or descent.
  • Trump was the first president twice impeached by the House of Representatives.
  • Trump was the first president since Andrew Johnson to skip his successor's inauguration.
  • On May 30, 2024, Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts by a jury in New York State court.

“No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.”

“You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

“I judge people based on their capability, honesty, and merit.”

Previous President: Barack Obama
Next President: Joe Biden