Net Worth

  • Even though exact figures are hard to obtain, it is still known that Donald J. Trump had the highest presidential net worth. He was the first billionaire to become president. His net worth is greater than that of all other presidents combined.
  • John F. Kennedy's father was worth $1 billion. However, his own net worth was but a fraction of that.
  • Nine presidents had a net worth under one million dollars.

Rank#PresidentNet Worth in millions (adjusted to 2016 US$)
145Donald J. Trump4,500
21George Washington580
33Thomas Jefferson234
426Theodore Roosevelt138
57Andrew Jackson131
64James Madison112
736Lyndon B. Johnson108
831Herbert Hoover82
942Bill Clinton75
1032Franklin D. Roosevelt66
1110John Tyler57
1244Barack Obama40
1343George W. Bush39
145James Monroe30
158Martin Van Buren29
1622 & 24Grover Cleveland28
1741George H. W. Bush26
186John Quincy Adams23
192John Adams21
2037Richard M. Nixon17
2140Ronald Reagan14
2211James K. Polk11
2335John F. Kennedy10
2434Dwight D. Eisenhower9
2446Joe Biden9
2638Gerald R. Ford8
2639Jimmy Carter8
2812Zachary Taylor7
299William Henry Harrison6
2923Benjamin Harrison6
3113Millard Fillmore4
3219Rutherford B. Hayes3
3227William H. Taft3
3414Franklin Pierce2
3525William McKinley1
3529Warren G. Harding1
3715James Buchanan<1
3716Abraham Lincoln<1
3717Andrew Johnson<1
3718Ulysses S. Grant<1
3720James A. Garfield<1
3721Chester A. Arthur<1
3728Woodrow Wilson<1
3730Calvin Coolidge<1
3733Harry S. Truman<1

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