Vetoes & Overrides

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt vetoed the most bills from Congress with 635.
  • Andrew Johnson had the most vetoes overridden by Congress with 15.
  • Franklin Pierce had the highest percentage of his vetoes overridden by Congress at 56% (5 out of 9).
  • John Tyler was the first president to have a veto overridden.
  • William McKinley had the most vetoes without an override with 42.
  • Grover Cleveland had the most vetoes in one complete term with 414 in his first term.
  • Seven presidents had not vetoed a bill. Only one, Thomas Jefferson, did so over two complete terms.

Rank#PresidentVetoesVetoes Overridden
132Franklin D. Roosevelt6359
222 & 24Grover Cleveland5847
333Harry S. Truman25012
434Dwight D. Eisenhower1812
518Ulysses S. Grant934
640Ronald Reagan789
726Theodore Roosevelt711
838Gerald R. Ford6612
930Calvin Coolidge504
1023Benjamin Harrison441
1028Woodrow Wilson446
1041George H. W. Bush441
1337Richard M. Nixon437
1425William McKinley420
1527William H. Taft391
1631Herbert Hoover373
1642Bill Clinton372
1839Jimmy Carter312
1936Lyndon B. Johnson300
2017Andrew Johnson2915
2135John F. Kennedy210
2219Rutherford B. Hayes131
237Andrew Jackson120
2321Chester A. Arthur121
2343George W. Bush124
2344Barack Obama121
2710John Tyler101
2814Franklin Pierce95
2845Donald J. Trump91
304James Madison70
3015James Buchanan70
3016Abraham Lincoln70
3329Warren G. Harding60
3411James K. Polk30
351George Washington20
3546Joe Biden20
375James Monroe10
378Martin Van Buren10
392John Adams00
393Thomas Jefferson00
396John Quincy Adams00
399William Henry Harrison00
3912Zachary Taylor00
3913Millard Fillmore00
3920James A. Garfield00

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