Supreme Court Confirmations

  • George Washington had the most Supreme Court Justices confirmed with 10.
  • Four presidents did not have a Supreme Court Justice confirmed. Jimmy Carter is the only one of those who served a full term.
  • Eleven presidents had exactly two justices confirmed - the most frequent number.
  • This list includes Associate Justices who were later nominated and confirmed for Chief Justice.

11George Washington10
232Franklin D. Roosevelt9
37Andrew Jackson6
327William H. Taft6
516Abraham Lincoln5
534Dwight D. Eisenhower5
718Ulysses S. Grant4
722 & 24Grover Cleveland4
723Benjamin Harrison4
729Warren G. Harding4
733Harry S. Truman4
737Richard M. Nixon4
740Ronald Reagan4
142John Adams3
143Thomas Jefferson3
1426Theodore Roosevelt3
1428Woodrow Wilson3
1431Herbert Hoover3
1445Donald J. Trump3
204James Madison2
208Martin Van Buren2
2011James K. Polk2
2019Rutherford B. Hayes2
2021Chester A. Arthur2
2035John F. Kennedy2
2036Lyndon B. Johnson2
2041George H. W. Bush2
2042Bill Clinton2
2043George W. Bush2
2044Barack Obama2
315James Monroe1
316John Quincy Adams1
3110John Tyler1
3113Millard Fillmore1
3114Franklin Pierce1
3115James Buchanan1
3120James A. Garfield1
3125William McKinley1
3130Calvin Coolidge1
3138Gerald R. Ford1
419William Henry Harrison0
4112Zachary Taylor0
4117Andrew Johnson0
4139Jimmy Carter0
4146Joe Biden0

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