Religious Affiliation

  • More presidents have been Episcopalian than any other religion - 11.
  • Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic president.
  • Three presidents (Jefferson, Lincoln, and Andrew Johnson) did not have any religious affiliations.
  • Two presidents (Hayes and Obama) were Protestant, but not affiliated with any particular denomination.

Rank#President# Presidents
1George Washington
4James Madison
5James Monroe
9William Henry Harrison
10John Tyler
12Zachary Taylor
14Franklin Pierce
21Chester A. Arthur
32Franklin D. Roosevelt
38Gerald R. Ford
41George H. W. Bush
7Andrew Jackson
11James K. Polk
15James Buchanan
22 & 24Grover Cleveland
23Benjamin Harrison
28Woodrow Wilson
34Dwight D. Eisenhower
40Ronald Reagan
45Donald J. Trump
29Warren G. Harding
33Harry S. Truman
39Jimmy Carter
42Bill Clinton
2John Adams
6John Quincy Adams
13Millard Fillmore
27William H. Taft
18Ulysses S. Grant
25William McKinley
43George W. Bush
5No formal affiliation3
3Thomas Jefferson
16Abraham Lincoln
17Andrew Johnson
7Disciples of Christ2
20James A. Garfield
36Lyndon B. Johnson
7Dutch Reformed2
8Martin Van Buren
26Theodore Roosevelt
7Roman Catholic2
35John F. Kennedy
46Joe Biden
7Society of Friends (Quaker)2
31Herbert Hoover
37Richard M. Nixon
7Unaffiliated Protestant2
19Rutherford B. Hayes
44Barack Obama
30Calvin Coolidge

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