Presidential Heights

  • Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) tall.
  • James Madison was the shortest president at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall.
  • The average height of the US presidents is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall.

Rank#PresidentHeight (in)Height (cm)
116Abraham Lincoln6 ft 4 in193 cm
236Lyndon B. Johnson6 ft 3.5 in192 cm
345Donald J. Trump6 ft 3 in191 cm
43Thomas Jefferson6 ft 2.5 in189 cm
51George Washington6 ft 2 in188 cm
521Chester A. Arthur6 ft 2 in188 cm
532Franklin D. Roosevelt6 ft 2 in188 cm
541George H. W. Bush6 ft 2 in188 cm
542Bill Clinton6 ft 2 in188 cm
107Andrew Jackson6 ft 1 in185 cm
1035John F. Kennedy6 ft 1 in185 cm
1040Ronald Reagan6 ft 1 in185 cm
1044Barack Obama6 ft 1 in185 cm
145James Monroe6 ft 0 in183 cm
1410John Tyler6 ft 0 in183 cm
1415James Buchanan6 ft 0 in183 cm
1420James A. Garfield6 ft 0 in183 cm
1429Warren G. Harding6 ft 0 in183 cm
1438Gerald R. Ford6 ft 0 in183 cm
2027William H. Taft5 ft 11.5 in182 cm
2031Herbert Hoover5 ft 11.5 in182 cm
2037Richard M. Nixon5 ft 11.5 in182 cm
2043George W. Bush5 ft 11.5 in182 cm
2046Joe Biden5 ft 11.5 in182 cm
2522 & 24Grover Cleveland5 ft 11 in180 cm
2528Woodrow Wilson5 ft 11 in180 cm
2734Dwight D. Eisenhower5 ft 10.5 in179 cm
2814Franklin Pierce5 ft 10 in178 cm
2817Andrew Johnson5 ft 10 in178 cm
2826Theodore Roosevelt5 ft 10 in178 cm
2830Calvin Coolidge5 ft 10 in178 cm
3239Jimmy Carter5 ft 9.5 in177 cm
3313Millard Fillmore5 ft 9 in175 cm
3333Harry S. Truman5 ft 9 in175 cm
3519Rutherford B. Hayes5 ft 8.5 in174 cm
369William Henry Harrison5 ft 8 in173 cm
3611James K. Polk5 ft 8 in173 cm
3612Zachary Taylor5 ft 8 in173 cm
3618Ulysses S. Grant5 ft 8 in173 cm
406John Quincy Adams5 ft 7.5 in171 cm
412John Adams5 ft 7 in170 cm
4125William McKinley5 ft 7 in170 cm
438Martin Van Buren5 ft 6 in168 cm
4323Benjamin Harrison5 ft 6 in168 cm
454James Madison5 ft 4 in163 cm

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