Electoral College Percentage

  • George Washington is the only president to win 100% of the Electoral College Votes, and he did it twice.
  • In 1824, none of the presidential candidates reached 50%. John Quincy Adams was selected by the House of Representatives.
  • The average Electoral College victory percentage is 71%.
  • Five presidents never won an election for president - Tyler, Fillmore, A. Johnson, Arthur, and Ford.

11George Washington1789100.00%
11George Washington1792100.00%
35James Monroe182099.57%
432Franklin D. Roosevelt193698.49%
540Ronald Reagan198497.58%
637Richard M. Nixon197296.65%
73Thomas Jefferson180492.05%
816Abraham Lincoln186490.99%
940Ronald Reagan198090.89%
1036Lyndon B. Johnson196490.33%
1132Franklin D. Roosevelt193288.89%
1234Dwight D. Eisenhower195686.06%
1314Franklin Pierce185285.81%
1432Franklin D. Roosevelt194084.56%
155James Monroe181684.33%
1631Herbert Hoover192883.62%
1734Dwight D. Eisenhower195283.24%
1818Ulysses S. Grant187281.95%
1928Woodrow Wilson191281.92%
2032Franklin D. Roosevelt194481.36%
219William Henry Harrison184079.59%
2241George H. W. Bush198879.18%
237Andrew Jackson183276.57%
2429Warren G. Harding192076.08%
2518Ulysses S. Grant186872.79%
2630Calvin Coolidge192471.94%
2726Theodore Roosevelt190470.59%
2842Bill Clinton199670.45%
294James Madison180869.71%
3042Bill Clinton199268.77%
317Andrew Jackson182868.20%
3244Barack Obama200867.84%
3327William H. Taft190866.46%
3425William McKinley190065.32%
3524Grover Cleveland189262.39%
3611James K. Polk184461.82%
3744Barack Obama201261.71%
3825William McKinley189660.63%
3916Abraham Lincoln186059.41%
404James Madison181258.99%
4115James Buchanan185658.78%
4223Benjamin Harrison188858.10%
4320James A. Garfield188057.99%
448Martin Van Buren183657.82%
4533Harry S. Truman194857.06%
4646Joe Biden56.88%
4745Donald J. Trump201656.50%
4835John F. Kennedy196056.42%
4912Zachary Taylor184856.21%
5037Richard M. Nixon196855.95%
5139Jimmy Carter197655.20%
5222Grover Cleveland188454.61%
5343George W. Bush200453.16%
543Thomas Jefferson180052.90%
5528Woodrow Wilson191652.17%
562John Adams179651.45%
5743George W. Bush200050.37%
5819Rutherford B. Hayes187650.14%
596John Quincy Adams182432.18%
-10John TylerNo presidential election win.
-13Millard FillmoreNo presidential election win.
-17Andrew JohnsonNo presidential election win.
-21Chester A. ArthurNo presidential election win.
-38Gerald R. FordNo presidential election win.

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