Birth Order

  • The birth order and sibling counts include half-siblings.
  • More presidents were second-born than any other birth order - 14.
  • 56% of presidents were either first-born or second-born.
  • Seven presidents were the youngest in their birth order.
  • James Madison had more siblings than any other president - 11.
  • Although there were no only-children, three presidents only had one sibling - Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.
  • On average the presidents had a little over 5 siblings.
  • * indicates that the president was the youngest child.

#President# Siblings# Presidents
First Born11
2John Adams2
4James Madison11
11James K. Polk9
18Ulysses S. Grant5
29Warren G. Harding7
30Calvin Coolidge1
36Lyndon B. Johnson4
38Gerald R. Ford6
39Jimmy Carter3
43George W. Bush5
46Joe Biden3
Second Born14
5James Monroe4
6John Quincy Adams4
13Millard Fillmore7
15James Buchanan10
16Abraham Lincoln2
23Benjamin Harrison7
26Theodore Roosevelt3
31Herbert Hoover2
32Franklin D. Roosevelt1 *
33Harry S. Truman3
35John F. Kennedy8
37Richard M. Nixon4
40Ronald Reagan1 *
41George H. W. Bush4
Third Born7
3Thomas Jefferson9
7Andrew Jackson2 *
17Andrew Johnson2 *
28Woodrow Wilson3
34Dwight D. Eisenhower6
42Bill Clinton3
44Barack Obama8
Fourth Born3
12Zachary Taylor8
19Rutherford B. Hayes3 *
45Donald J. Trump4
Fifth Born3
20James A. Garfield4 *
21Chester A. Arthur8
22 & 24Grover Cleveland8
Sixth Born4
1George Washington10
8Martin Van Buren7
10John Tyler7
14Franklin Pierce8
Seventh Born3
9William Henry Harrison6 *
25William McKinley8
27William H. Taft9

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