• Every president between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joe Biden has been named Time Person of the Year at least once, except for Gerald Ford.
  • Zachary Taylor won three Congressional Gold Medals, more than any other person.
  • In addition to winning two Grammy, Jimmy Carter has also been nominated seven other times.
  • Michelle and Barack Obama's production company produced "American Factory" won the 2020 Academy Award for Best Documentary, however they did not earn the award themselves.
  • + Awarded posthumously.

Rank#PresidentYear(s)# Presidents
1Time Person of the Year14
32Franklin D. Roosevelt1932, 1934, 1941
33Harry S. Truman1945, 1948
34Dwight D. Eisenhower1944, 1959
35John F. Kennedy1961
36Lyndon B. Johnson1964, 1967
37Richard M. Nixon1971, 1972
39Jimmy Carter1976
40Ronald Reagan1980, 1983
41George H. W. Bush1990
42Bill Clinton1992, 1998
43George W. Bush2000, 2004
44Barack Obama2008, 2012
45Donald J. Trump2016
46Joe Biden2020
2Congressional Gold Medal8
1George Washington1776
7Andrew Jackson1815
9William Henry Harrison1818
12Zachary Taylor1846, 1847, 1848
18Ulysses S. Grant1863
33Harry S. Truman1984
38Gerald R. Ford1998
40Ronald Reagan2000
2Presidential Medal of Freedom8
35John F. Kennedy1963 +
36Lyndon B. Johnson1980 +
38Gerald R. Ford1999
39Jimmy Carter1999
40Ronald Reagan1993
41George H. W. Bush2011
42Bill Clinton2013
46Joe Biden2017
4Nobel Prize4
26Theodore Roosevelt1906 (Peace)
28Woodrow Wilson1919 (Peace)
39Jimmy Carter2002 (Peace)
44Barack Obama2009 (Peace)
5Grammy Award3
39Jimmy Carter2007, 2016 (Best Spoken Word Album)
42Bill Clinton2004, 2005 (Best Spoken Word Album)
44Barack Obama2006, 2008 (Best Spoken Word Album)
5Profile in Courage Award3
38Gerald R. Ford2001
41George H. W. Bush2014
44Barack Obama2017
7Hollywood Walk of Fame2
40Ronald Reagan1960
45Donald J. Trump2007
7Primetime Emmy Award2
34Dwight D. Eisenhower1956 (Governors Award)
44Barack Obama2022, 2023 (Outstanding Narrator)
9Charlemagne Prize1
42Bill Clinton2000
9Distinguished Flying Cross1
41George H. W. Bush1946
9Eagle Scout1
38Gerald R. Ford1927
9Golden Globe1
40Ronald Reagan1957 (Hollywood Citizenship Award)
9Medal of Honor1
26Theodore Roosevelt2001 +
9Navy and Marine Corps Medal1
35John F. Kennedy1944
9Pulitzer Prize1
35John F. Kennedy1957 (Biography)
9Purple Heart1
35John F. Kennedy1944
9Silver Star1
36Lyndon B. Johnson1942

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