POTUS Sports & Hobbies Quiz

How well do you know the presidents? Answer these 10 questions about the presidents' capabilities in sports and hobbies to make your Commander-in-Chief proud.

#1. Which U.S. President was an Iowa radio broadcaster for Chicago Cubs and University of Iowa games?

Reagan worked for Iowa stations WOC and WHO between 1932 and 1937. Reagan radio announcer

#2. While in the White House, which U.S. President permanently injured his eye while boxing?

While sparring with an Army captain, Roosevelt lost nearly all vision in his left eye. The injury was hidden from the public for over a decade.

Roosevelt boxing injury

#3. Which U.S. President had a sport named after him?

Hoover Ball is played with rules similar to tennis but uses a six pound medicine ball passed back and forth over an 8-foot net on a volleyball-sized court. Revived in 1988, the Hoover Ball Championship is held each year in West Branch, Iowa – Hoover‘s birthplace.


#4. Which U.S. President was the only Eagle Scout?

Ford earned his Eagle Scout award in 1927 as a member of Troop 15 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Gerald Ford Eagle Scout

#5. Which U.S. President was the first to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to open a baseball season?

In the April 14, 1910, season opener, Taft threw out the ceremonial first pitch for a game between the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Athletics.

Taft throws out first pitch

#6. George W. Bush was an owner and managing general partner of which Major League baseball club?

Bush was managing general partner from 1989-1994. He resigned to become Governor of Texas but still maintained his 1.8% ownership stake in the team.

George W Bush Texas Rangers

#7. Which U.S. President received offers to play in the NFL?

After his playing days at the University of Michigan (1931-1935), Ford received offers to play for the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. He declined these offers to attend Yale Law School.

Gerald Ford Football

#8. Which U.S. President was the first to sink a hole-in-one?

On February 6, 1968, Eisenhower sank a hole-in-one on the 104 yard, par 3, thirteenth hole at Seven Lakes Country Club in Palm Springs, California.

Eisenhower Hole in One

#9. Truman the Tiger, named for Harry Truman, is the mascot for which university?

Before the start of the 1986 football season, Mizzou named their tiger mascot Truman.

Truman the Tiger

#10. Harry Truman & Richard Nixon were the only U.S. presidents to play what musical instrument?

Richard Nixon played the “Missouri Waltz” at the dedication of the Harry Truman Presidential Library and Museum, March 21, 1969.

Nixon Truman piano



Ford University of Michigan Wolverine Team

When Ford (Number 48) played for the University of Michigan football team they won the 1932 and 1933 National Championships.

Congratulations, you have won this quiz’s championship! Celebrate your victory with friends and family.

Nixon Bowling

Nixon loved bowling so much he had a lane built in the White House. However, in this picture, you can see his foot is over the foul line. His score doesn’t count.

Seems like in the quiz you also had a foot foul. Let’s not count this score and we’ll move on.

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