Presidential Health Quiz

How well do you know the presidents? Answer these 10 questions about the presidents' health to make your Commander-in-Chief proud.

#1. Which U.S. President carried a bullet lodged in his arm for over 20 years?

Jackson was shot in a duel but never removed the bullet until it started to cause him great pain probably due to lead poisoning. Jackson duel

#2. Which inventor tried to use his metal detector to find the bullet lodged in James Garfield?

Despite attempts on July 26 and August 1, 1881, Bell’s “induction balance” was unable to find the bullet lodged in Garfield.

#3. Which U.S. President, suffering from throat cancer, finished his memoirs five days before he passed away?

Grant‘s cigar smoking led to his throat cancer. Knowing his time was limited, he was able to complete his memoirs in time to make his wife and family financially secure.

Grant writing while sick

#4. Who was U.S. President during the misnamed "Spanish" influenza pandemic?

The Spanish flu, 1918-1920, claimed the lives of somewhere between one and five percent of the world’s population.

Spanish flu ward

#5. Which sitting U.S. President had secret cancer surgery aboard a yacht?

Aboard the Onieda in 1893, Cleveland had surgery to move cancer from his jaw and the roof of his mouth. The public did not learn of his surgery until 1917. Pictured are two impressions of Cleveland’s mouth taken years apart to show the healing progress.

Cleveland mouth impressions

#6. What caused Franklin Roosevelt to lose the use of his legs?

Roosevelt was stricken with polio in 1921 at the age of 39.

#7. Which U.S. President suffered from Alzheimer's disease?

In 1994, Reagan wrote an open letter to the American public announcing he had Alzheimer’s disease.

Reagan Alzheimer Letter

#8. Which U.S. President suffered a series of strokes so severe he was incapacitated for almost half of his last term?

Wilson, who had long suffered from the effects of strokes, suffered a series of strokes in 1919 that left him unable to perform his duties through the rest of his second term.

#9. Which U.S. President had a nervous breakdown at the age of 24 and spent time in a sanitarium?

In 1889, Harding spend time in J.P. Kellogg’s sanitarium in Battle Creek, MI.

#10. From which medical disorder did John Kennedy suffer?

Kennedy was diagnosed with Addison’s disease when he was 30 years old.



Congratulations! Your knowledge of the the presidents is healthy as a horse, or at least healthy enough to ride a moose.

Roosevelt riding a moose

Sorry, you didn’t get a clean bill of health on this one. You must have been clowning around.

funny doctor

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