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Portrait, Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Rutherford Birchard Hayes

19th President of the United States
(March 4, 1877 to March 3, 1881)

Nickname: "Dark-Horse President"

Born: October 4, 1822, in Delaware, Ohio
Died: January 17, 1893, at Spiegel Grove in Fremont, Ohio

Father: Rutherford Hayes
Mother: Sophia Birchard Hayes
Married: Lucy Ware Webb (1831-1889), on December 30, 1852
Children: Birchard Austin Hayes (1853-1926); James Webb Cook Hayes (1856-1934); Rutherford Platt Hayes (1858-1927); Joseph Thompson Hayes (1861-63); George Crook Hayes (1864-66); Fanny Hayes (1867-1950); Scott Russell Hayes (1871-1923); Manning Force Hayes (1873-74)

Religion: No formal affiliation
Education: Graduated from Kenyon College (1842) and Harvard Law School (1845)
Occupation: Lawyer
Political Party: Republican
Other Government Positions:

Presidential Salary: $50,000/year

Presidential Election Results:
Year Popular Votes Electoral Votes
1876 Rutherford B. Hayes 4,036,572 185
Samuel J. Tilden 4,284,020 184

Vice President: William A. Wheeler (1877-81)


Secretary of State
William M. Evarts (1877-81)
Secretary of the Treasury
John Sherman (1877-81)
Secretary of War
George W. McCrary (1877-79)
Alexander Ramsey (1879-81)
Attorney General
Charles Devens (1877-81)
Postmaster General
David M. Key (1877-80)
Horace Maynard (1880-81)
Secretary of the Navy
Richard W. Thompson (1877-80)
Nathan Goff, Jr. (1881)
Secretary of the Interior
Carl Schurz (1877-81)

Notable Events:

Internet Biographies:

Rutherford B. Hayes -- from The Presidents of the United States of America
Compiled by the White House.
Rutherford B. Hayes -- from Table of Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States - MSN Encarta
Grolier Online has created this resource from its collection of print articles in Encyclopedia Americana. Contains a full biography, written by Harry Barnard, author of Rutherford B. Hayes and His America, along with suggestions for further reading.
Rutherford B. Hayes -- from The American President
From the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, in addition to information on the Presidents themselves, they have first lady and cabinet member biographies, listings of presidential staff and advisers, and timelines detailing significant events in the lives of each administration.
Rutherford Hayes's Obituary -- from Dead Presidents
The text from page 1 of The New York Times, January 18, 1893. Placed on the web by Manus Hand.

Historical Documents:

Inaugural Address (1877)

Other Internet Resources:

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
The first presidential library, the home, tomb and museum about the life of Hayes. Biographical and tourist information available.
Spiegel Grove
History of the Hayes Family home in Fremont, Ohio from 1873.

Points of Interest:

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