Death Firsts

The presidential firsts related to the deaths of and assassination attempts against the Presidents of the United States.

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First president to die in officeWilliam Henry Harrison
First president to survive an assassination attemptAndrew Jackson
First president to survive an injury during an assassination attemptRonald Reagan
First president to be wounded in an assassination attempt after his presidencyTheodore Roosevelt
First president to die by assassinationAbraham Lincoln
First president to lie in state in the Capitol RotundaAbraham Lincoln
First president to be buried under a foreign flagJohn TylerConfederate States of America
First president to die before the age of 50James A. Garfield
First president to die before the age of 60James K. Polk
First president to have his remains exhumedZachary Taylor1991, No evidence of poisoning found
First president buried at Arlington National CemeteryWilliam H. Taft
First president buried in Washington, DCWoodrow Wilson

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