Time After Presidency

  • Jimmy Carter has the longest post-presidency at over 40 years.
  • Eight presidents died while in office.
  • Of those that completed their terms, James K. Polk had the shortest post-presidency at 103 days.
  • The average length of time a president lives after their presidency is a little under 14 years.
  • * indicates the president is still alive. Those presidents' time after their presidency were calculated on 20 Jan 2021.
  • + Cleveland's time is based on the end of the second of his two non-consecutive terms.

Rank#PresidentTime Post-Presidency
139Jimmy Carter40 years 0 days *
231Herbert Hoover31 years 230 days
338Gerald R. Ford29 years 340 days
441George H. W. Bush25 years 314 days
52John Adams25 years 122 days
68Martin Van Buren21 years 142 days
713Millard Fillmore21 years 4 days
842Bill Clinton20 years 0 days *
933Harry S. Truman19 years 340 days
1037Richard M. Nixon19 years 256 days
114James Madison19 years 116 days
126John Quincy Adams18 years 356 days
133Thomas Jefferson17 years 122 days
1427William H. Taft17 years 4 days
1510John Tyler16 years 320 days
1640Ronald Reagan15 years 136 days
1714Franklin Pierce12 years 218 days
1843George W. Bush12 years 0 days *
1919Rutherford B. Hayes11 years 319 days
2024Grover Cleveland11 years 112 days +
2126Theodore Roosevelt9 years 308 days
2218Ulysses S. Grant8 years 141 days
237Andrew Jackson8 years 96 days
2434Dwight D. Eisenhower8 years 67 days
2523Benjamin Harrison8 years 9 days
2615James Buchanan7 years 89 days
2717Andrew Johnson6 years 149 days
285James Monroe6 years 122 days
2936Lyndon B. Johnson4 years 2 days
3044Barack Obama4 years 0 days *
3130Calvin Coolidge3 years 307 days
3228Woodrow Wilson2 years 336 days
331George Washington2 years 285 days
3421Chester A. Arthur1 year 259 days
3511James K. Polk103 days
3645Donald J. Trump0 days *
-9William Henry HarrisonDied in Office
-12Zachary TaylorDied in Office
-16Abraham LincolnDied in Office
-20James A. GarfieldDied in Office
-25William McKinleyDied in Office
-29Warren G. HardingDied in Office
-32Franklin D. RooseveltDied in Office
-35John F. KennedyDied in Office
-46Joe BidenIncumbent

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