Length of Presidency

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt served as president longer than any other Chief Executive - 12 years 39 days
  • William Henry Harrison served the shortest time - 31 days.
  • Twelve presidents have served exactly two terms (8 years). Thirteen have served exactly one term (4 years).
  • + Cleveland's length of service is for two complete non-consecutive terms.

Rank#PresidentLength of Presidency
132Franklin D. Roosevelt12 years 39 days
23Thomas Jefferson8 years
24James Madison8 years
25James Monroe8 years
27Andrew Jackson8 years
218Ulysses S. Grant8 years
222 & 24Grover Cleveland8 years +
228Woodrow Wilson8 years
234Dwight D. Eisenhower8 years
240Ronald Reagan8 years
242Bill Clinton8 years
243George W. Bush8 years
244Barack Obama8 years
141George Washington7 years 308 days
1533Harry S. Truman7 years 283 days
1626Theodore Roosevelt7 years 171 days
1730Calvin Coolidge5 years 215 days
1837Richard M. Nixon5 years 201 days
1936Lyndon B. Johnson5 years 59 days
2025William McKinley4 years 194 days
2116Abraham Lincoln4 years 42 days
222John Adams4 years
226John Quincy Adams4 years
228Martin Van Buren4 years
2211James K. Polk4 years
2214Franklin Pierce4 years
2215James Buchanan4 years
2219Rutherford B. Hayes4 years
2223Benjamin Harrison4 years
2227William H. Taft4 years
2231Herbert Hoover4 years
2239Jimmy Carter4 years
2241George H. W. Bush4 years
2245Donald J. Trump4 years
3510John Tyler3 years 334 days
3617Andrew Johnson3 years 323 days
3721Chester A. Arthur3 years 166 days
3835John F. Kennedy2 years 306 days
3913Millard Fillmore2 years 238 days
4038Gerald R. Ford2 years 164 days
4129Warren G. Harding2 years 151 days
4212Zachary Taylor1 year 127 days
4320James A. Garfield199 days
449William Henry Harrison31 days
-46Joe BidenIncumbent

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