POTUS First Ladies Quiz

How well do you know the presidents and their first ladies? Answer these 10 questions about the first ladies to make your Commander-in-Chief proud.

#1. Which U.S. President's First Lady was the first to not be the president's spouse?

Jefferson‘s wife, Martha, died on September 6, 1782 – 18 years before he assumed the presidency. The First Lady’s duties fell to Jefferson’s eldest daughter, Patsy. Patsy Jefferson

#2. Which First Lady is credited with saving Gilbert Stuart's Washington portrait from a White House fire?

On August 24, 1814, the British captured Washington, DC and burned many important buildings, including the White House. Dolley Madison enlisted the help of two others to remove the 8-foot tall painting and take it to safety.

#3. Which U.S. First Lady is the only woman to appear on U.S. paper currency?

The $1 Silver Certificates featuring Martha Washington as the first, and so far only, woman as the primary portrait were first published in 1886.

Martha Washington dollar bill

#4. Harriet Lane was First Lady for the only bachelor president, James Buchanan. What was her relation to him?

Buchanan became legal guardian to his niece, Harriet, when she was orphaned at age 11.

#5. Which U.S. President's wife was the first to vote for her husband?

In 1920, Florence Harding was the first First Lady to vote for her husband after women were granted the right to vote by the ratification of the 19th amendment.

Florence Harding Voting

#6. Which President's wife was the first to die in the White House?

Letitia Tyler, age 51, died September 10, 1842 of a stroke.

Letitia Tyler

#7. Which First Lady was the first to win an Emmy award?

Kennedy won a special Emmy for her 1962 televised tour of the remodeled White House.

Jackie Kennedy White House Tour

#8. Which First Lady was the first to win elected office in her own right?

In 2000, Clinton was elected as the first female senator from New York. Other First Ladies had been appointed to public office before Clinton, but Clinton was the first to hold office by election.

Hillary Clinton Senate Swearing In

#9. Which First Lady was the first woman in America to earn a bachelor's degree in geology?

Lou Hoover graduated from Stanford University in 1898 with a B.A. in geology. As soon as she completed her degree, Hoover proposed.

#10. Who was the first First Lady born in a foreign country?

Adams (née Johnson), wife of John Quincy, was born in London, England in 1775 to an English mother and American father.



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